C4 Engine

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Professional Grade.

The C4 Engine is a comprehensive suite of robustly implemented game programming tools for the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PS4, and PS3 platforms. Not only is it a powerhouse of a 3D graphics engine, but it also includes integrated support for physics, audio, networking, input devices, resource management, and much more. The C4 Engine is widely regarded as having the cleanest professional source code and one of the best architectures in the industry.

Standard Edition

We are happy to support indie developers who are serious about making a great game using state-of-the-art technology, but without spending a lot of money. The Standard Edition includes full source code to the engine, demos, and tools, and you get free updates for the rest of your life.

Professional Edition

The C4 Engine is a product made by professionals for professionals, and we’ve adhered to the highest standards of engineering quality throughout every step of its development. The Professional Edition includes premium support, full source code, access to early development builds, and free updates forever.

Academic Edition

Terathon Software has long been involved in education, and we love to see the C4 Engine used as a learning tool in the classroom. The Academic Edition provides universities with an affordable site license that includes full source code and all future updates.

C4 Engine Gameplay