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Cinema 4D Cloth Module

Topics about the art pipeline and external content creation.
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Cinema 4D Cloth Module

Postby ricky » 04 Feb 2012, 06:11


has anybody out there ever used the cloth-module of Cinema 4D
to model + animate garment for a game model which will be later
on used in C4?

Did you encounter any pitfalls?

Many thanks in advance and Greetings from Baltic Sea.

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Regular User
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Re: Cinema 4D Cloth Module

Postby JamesMK » 04 Feb 2012, 10:16

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think C4 supports point-level animation (except for its own internal variations thereof), so any cloth simulation made externally would not do anything useful once imported to the engine.

If I'm right, then you would have to animate your clothes with joints instead, perhaps by coming up with some clever method of converting a cloth sim to joint. I imagine it would be sort of possible in Cinema, by first making the cloth sim as usual, then creating a skeleton with joints constrained to multiple, well-chosen points of the simulated cloth, then bake the resulting movement of those joints and bind the mesh to them.

Tricky, and an interesting conundrum...

If I'm wrong, however, it should be easier :)
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