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There are several templates that may come in handy for Wiki editors. View available templates here: Templates.

To create a template, create a new page with the tag
{{My Template}}
and edit the page accordingly.

The advantage of using templates is that all pages referencing to a template will be updated automatically if you ever edit the host template. Additionally, it's a lot easier to write out a simple one line tag as opposed to having to write out the same Wiki mark-up over and over again.

You can call templates from any page by adding the tag
{{My Template}}

For example, one commonly used template is the "Under Construction" template:

Warning.jpg Under Construction

This article is still under construction and may contain sections that are incomplete.

The above template was displayed on this page by simply using the tag

When editing a page that is utilizing a template, a message will be shown at the bottom of the page with links to any templates being used.

More information about templates can be found here:

--Frank Skilton 23:48, 17 August 2007 (PDT)

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