C4 Engine

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Defined in:  C4Effects.h
Sets the effect list index.

void SetEffectListIndex(unsigned_int32 index);

index The effect list index. This may be one of the values listed below.
The SetEffectListIndex function sets the index of the render list in which the effect is placed when it is visible. The index parameter can be one of the following constants.
kEffectListLight Fully lit effects. These are rendered during the ambient pass and lighting passes.
kEffectListOpaque Opaque effects. These are rendered after the final lighting pass and before any transparent effects.
kEffectListTransparent Transparent effects. These are rendered after all opaque effects and are sorted back to front.
kEffectListFrontmost Frontmost effects. These are render after all transparent effects and are not sorted.
kEffectListOcclusion Occlusion queries. These are rendered after the ambient pass and before the first lighting pass.
kEffectListDistortion Distortion effects. These are rendered into the distortion buffer for post-processing.
By default, an effect is placed in the kEffectListTransparent list, but some effect subclasses change this value.
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